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Entering the world of inclusivity…

I don’t even know the ‘right’ words to say when it comes to inclusion, people of colour and honouring the land I grew up on or reside on…

I’m lost…

I was part of an inclusivity training a few months ago. Even though I am of Chinese ethnicity, I grew up in Melbourne, Australia with Malaysian-Chinese parents who spoke English at home because their dialects were completely different (Hokkien and Cantonese). I was one of three asians in a class of caucausians.

I took part in a retreat in Darwin with the Yolngu people of Elcho Island 2 years ago… and I was lost, and ashamed at how little I knew in the space I found myself in…

I’m at the start of my journey learning about how to speak about this topic, how to honour the land and the people…

This is an off the cuff recorded conversation with the beautiful Jodie Treanor. We met one week prior and she was my safe person to start the journey describing my NZ origins and I am forever grateful.

I am sure this is just the start. I’m sure if I feel this way some of you also feel this way.

I realise with anything, it’s about starting.

Now I have the desire after so many years.

Jodie has kindly left her details below and the template that she discussed on our call.

As always I love if you reach out to my guests and of course if you are after assistance and you feel that Jodie is the person who can help you please reach out.

Pepeha Template: HERE


01:29 Introduction
08:27 Context of me wanting to dive into this
10:17 Jodie's view about diving into your roots
17:53 Steps to explore your roots from Jodie
20:30 Coming from the space of kindness
22:14 Discovery of your roots and how it is supposed to do
29:53 Jodie's introduction of herself
37:17 The Pihanga
46:03 Sharing my story and how I found that connection
49:42 Jodie's interpretation of my story
57:41 How Pepeha is described and how would Jodie would describe it
1:01:29 Jodie doing the modern version of Pepeha
1:05:33 Jodie's interpreting my roots
1:12:53 Closing remarks

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