• Every training sells out in one week!
  • Join me on this information webinar to find out more about the upcoming training starting May 11th 2021.
  • Learn how to read the body and the deeper underlying emotions behind physical pain, injury, illness and disease.
  • How to integrate the emotional aspect into your current practice as a therapist, coach or bodyworker.
  • Offer a truly holistic approach to your current clients and connect with them on a much deeper level to help liberate them of emotional and physical pain.
  • Help your clients process the emotions that hold them back rather than give coping mechanisms.
  • For health and wellness practitioners only.
  • Yes there will be a replay- but you must register below.

What We Covered On The Webinar

This is an information session for health and wellness practitioners who want to understand the mind-body connection on a deeper level and facilitate emotional release processes with their clients. As opposed to masterclasses that I run, this is information about the upcoming May 2021 Emotional Body Training to work out if this training is for you. Spaces are limited and often sell out in the first week.

Man With Conceptual Spiritual Body Art

Here's What Others Who Have Been Through The Training Have To Share...

Have A Read About What They Have To Say...

This training is incredible from start to finish, there was so much being reflected in my external environment that I was able to observe more objectively than I ever have been able to before. I was also able to experience a deep release of aspects that I thought I had addressed previously, but this time it was the raw honesty of my emotions that provided the freedom on the other side. I rediscovered my confidence and sense of self. Now I have clarity on my purpose and desire to create my own business that brings together all of my skills and interests. I resigned from my job and moved interstate shortly after the training. I have clarity on what I want separate from guilt and expectations. I can trust myself again that I have all the answers within and the ability to re-align myself, to respond rather than react. My marriage is a lot stronger as I am communicating how I need support and ultimately being my own source of encouragement. This will continue to unfold. Going forward I hope to create my own online platform to guide people to re-connect with themselves and their own intuition. I gained so much from the 1:1 with Jin, that allowed everything to shift for me! I could suddenly see my world open up to a new way of doing life! The group was beautiful, the content was enlightening and the coaching was incredible! We are not taught how to express emotions and I believe this is what is contributing to the increased amount of illness and disease in people’s bodies.
John Doe

Hi There, I'm Jin

jin on couch with mug small 1

I've been a physical therapist for 14 years. I haven’t always loved it. I'm professionally trained as an osteopath, herbalist, western acupuncturist and psychosomatic therapist…

Real-life practice was so different from what I was taught. I learned exercises and techniques and things to make people better. Most of the time it worked, but when I wasn’t making a difference in a handful of people I started to get down about my work, something was missing, I wanted to fill the gap.

I got frustrated treating the chronic clients who had experienced many months or years of being in discomfort. Unfortunately with the chronicity of their discomfort they lacked the motivation to make changes, they weren’t interested in taking responsibility for their health, making excuses for why they couldn’t do something or blaming others for the way they felt. However, I was their last resort.
It was almost like they wanted to stay in pain.
I couldn’t work out a way to be tactful to say that they were causing their own misery. Especially because some had become so unaware. Unaware that their thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and therefore actions and behavior were just so negative and impacting how they felt and it was this that was holding them back from improving their health, but also living to their full potential.

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