Dr Jin Ong presents

Emotional Body
Practitioner Training

How You Can Facilitate Deeper Emotional Release Work With Your Clients
Without Having To Study For Years.



How You Can Facilitate Deeper Emotional Release Work With Your Clients
Without Having To Study For Years.

Thursday 16th September 12.30 pm NZT

Live Sept 16th 12.30pm NZT

Are you a health and wellness practitioner who's frustrated at not knowing how to address deeper emotional issues with your clients?

On This Free Webinar I'll Share With You:

My Journey Moving Into This Work

From an Osteopath trained in herbal medicine, western acupuncture, psychosomatic therapy and clinic owner to facilitating this work in the online space.

The Systems I Use To Read The Body

The Eastern philosophies I use with a spin to understand what emotions are stored in the body and how I understand how each client will respond to this work.

How You Can Do This Work Too Without Years Of Study

The process I teach on Emotional Body Training that practitioners say is the missing link.

This Free Info Webinar Is A Must If...

Join me on this information webinar to find out more about the upcoming training starting 2022 (Dates TBC).

  • Learn how to read the body and the deeper underlying emotions behind physical pain, injury, illness and disease.
  • How to integrate the emotional aspect into your current practice as a therapist, coach or bodyworker.
  • Offer a truly holistic approach to your current clients and connect with them on a much deeper level to help liberate them of emotional and physical pain.
  • Help your clients process the emotions that hold them back rather than give coping mechanisms.
  • For health and wellness practitioners only.
  • Yes there will be a replay- but you must register 

P.S. Every previous training has sold out within a week!

dr jin ong at home with plants cathartic release therapist

What Have Other Practitioners Gained Through EBT?

This is an information session for health and wellness practitioners who want to understand the mind-body connection on a deeper level and facilitate emotional release processes with their clients. As opposed to masterclasses that I run, this is information about the upcoming 2022 Emotional Body Training to work out if this training is for you. Spaces are limited and often sell out in the first week.

A little bit about me... Dr. Jin Ong

I’ve been a physical therapist for 14 years. I've qualified and worked as an osteopath, herbalist, western acupuncturist and psychosomatic therapist… But I haven’t always loved it.

I found the real-life practice was so different from what I was taught. There were some clients I just couldn't figure out how to help. 

I started to get down about my work. Something was missing. So I committed myself to finding it.

Some of my chronic clients were living through years of pain. I noticed that their motivation to heal had been worn out, along with any inclination to carry on taking personal responsibility for their health.

It was almost like they wanted to stay in pain. However, here they were in my clinic, and I was their last resort.

Deep down I knew I had to find a way that would bring their issues to light. To actually get to the true essence that was causing their suffering.

And then it happened. I had found the key that unlocked their route to healing. From that point forward the results came faster, and far more profoundly, than I could ever have imagined.

Naturally I started to share my work with other practitioners. So that they too may create these deeper levels of healing, both in themselves and their clients.

Ready To Flip The Way You Practice On Its Head??

Thursday 16th September 12.30pm NZT allow up to two hours.

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Thursday 16th September 10.30am AEST (Melbourne/Sydney)
Thursday 16th September 8.30am AWST (Perth)
Wednesday 15th September 5.30pm PDT (California)
Wednesday 15th September 8.30pm EDT (New York, Toronto)
Wednesday 15th September 7.30pm CDT (Texas)
Thursday 16th September 1.30am BST (London)

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Thursday 16th Sept 12.30 PM NZT


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