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Open Access Courses

Created by world-leading cathartic release specialist Dr Jin Ong, these transformational  and motivational courses have been designed to offer a comprehensive introduction to personal therapy, emotional healing and self development. 

My signature course. How to release the burden of stored emotions that would otherwise contribute to the manifestation of discomfort, pain, injury, illness and disease on a physical, mental, behavioural, energetic and spiritual level.

A deep dive with lifetime access + all updates, cheat sheets, body maps, tables and additional coaching content + access to the LIVE round with 6 weeks live group coaching and support.

Runs 1-2x a year as a live course. Next Jan 2023.

x3 high level teachings that allow you to dive deeper into your emotions and personal journey and pave the path to reconnecting with yourself.

Instant access.

Scream Therapy is more than you think.

It’s simple and easy to implement and takes 3-10 seconds.

Do you think you’re up to the challenge?

Let’s see if you stick with it and feel the benefits.

Instant access.

Take a front seat as Dr Jin Ong guides you through the key elements of life-changing Release work.

This mini-course delivers information on how to start processing your emotions when you’re triggered or activated by someone in yourlife.

Instant access.

Let’s talk about the energetic body splits and how the manifestation of issues on your left or right side of your body can bring awareness to underlying emotions to be processed.

This is an introduction to feminine and masculine energetics using the physical body as an example.

Mixing woo with the practical.

Instant Access.

Dr Jin Ong leads you through four simplified exercises to help you discover more about yourself and what you really want out of life.

Get unstuck and get started. Each module consists of videos and workbooks to help you through each exercise.

Instant access.

This is the time to drop your desires into the portal and let everything unfold for you.
Get into your body
Tap into your heart
Visualise together
The most magical and beautiful places to be

Open portals
Dropped yoour desires in
Sprinkle them in fairy dust and send love into the portal
With a wish that everyone’s desires will manifest

The universe has no concept of time.
Your desires had no timeline.
They will manifest in the right time.

Instant access to recording.

Courses for Practitioners

Created by world-leading cathartic release specialist Dr Jin Ong, these transformational  and motivational courses have been designed to offer a comprehensive introduction to personal therapy, emotional healing and self development. 

Ready to pivot from offline to online?

Strategy · Emotions · Energetics

Calling all health and wellness practitioners and therapists (conventional and alternative).

Ready to emerge and create truly aligned business.

6 month commitment.

By application. 2023.

Many say this is the missing link.

Learn how to be a Release Process facilitator and understand the mind-body connection without years of study.

Integrate this practice and communicate with your clients on a deeper, more satisfying level.

Open to practitioners (conventional and alternative) who are already seeing clients.

Find out more about this training which runs live once a year. Next May 2023.

A look behind the scenes for practitioners and healers looking to pivot into the online space.

A transparent journey of my transition from a hands-on clinic practitioner to coaching full time in the online space.

My strategy is in my story.
Full transparency with income and figures from April 2020 – Feb 2022.

Instant access.

For biz owners old and new and in any industry!

Anyone can whip up a traditional business plan and stick to it, until they can’t anymore.


Things start to feel off, out of alignment and once the busyness and excitement of creation is over, it’s no longer fulfilling.


I want you to know what it takes to build a business you truly love.


It takes commitment on another level to bring your ideas to life and love it.

Instant access.


For more personalised offers please choose from the selection below. There are limited openings and availability for these offers. Social media @theartoflisteningtoyourbody on Instagram is the best place to be notified when space comes available if you are not able to purchase any of the below.

History interpreted is for those who are ready to go a level deeper.

The interpretation is a mix of physical, emotional, human, energetic, chakra, dosha and clinical knowledge that is intuitively guided.

You will need to fill out a question form within one week and wait 2-3 weeks to receive your audio recording of your history. 

If you choose to go ahead with this offer please do so intentionally and with a sense of responsibility.

If you would like to hear an example of a history interpretation please LISTEN HERE.

Please click the link above to be taken to the page for full details about 1:1 coaching and how to apply.

For those with a business idea and you’re ready to move forward.

Or for those who want to reinvent their current business.

You’re a mover, a maker and a game-changer ready to take action.


Set the scene for transformation with dedicated journalling stationery

$10 USD worldwide postage

Ballpoint Pen

$20 usd

Perfect for free writing and journaling, this high-quality Pierre Cardin ball point pen in black and gold. Engraved with our geo moth logo and the words ‘Surrender To The Process’. Your writing companion as you document the milestones and you evolve through life.

Embossed Journal

$35 usd

This softly textured hardback A5 lined journal is designed to hold the weight of your thoughts and plans, allowing you to plan your own future, right in front of you.

Features an embossed ‘geo moth’ logo on the front and the words ‘You Are Worthy’ on the back.

Journal & Pen Set

$45 usd

Double up and save when you buy both the embossed journal and pen together at the same time.



Reclaim Your POWER

Thursday 15th December 11am NZT


Day 1 FREE: 19th September 2022
For practitioners & healers