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I'm launching one of my first micro-offer!

Mini digestible trainings that are quick and easy for you to implement!

First one up is Scream Therapy and it's $11 USD for 3 days only (offer ends 6th July, then the price will go up).

+ Bonus LIVE Q&A added!

Thurs 15th July 11 am NZT

for those of you who want to ask anything about Scream Therapy. I'll email details to those of you who have purchased and those yet to join me!

SCREAM THERAPY: https://theartoflisteningtoyourbody.com/scream

Have a whole bunch of pent up emotions and don't even know where to start?

😱 Are you flipping into anger, rage or tears that just flow at the drop of a hat?

😱 Learn Step 1 of the my four step Release Process® and start metabolising your emotions.

Scream therapy is a simple and effective tool that seems so easy, until you start to try it. So many people want to bypass the simple stuff, but this is where it all starts.

All it takes is 3-10 seconds. Do you have this much time?

I'm sharing step 1 of my four step Release Process®with you in my new micro-offer.

It's all about how to access your emergency release button, even if you have no idea what emotions you've got stored inside of you.

😱 How to consciously access your emergency release button

😱 Finding your safe space to scream

Alternatives to the objections you may have! No excuses.

😱 Different aspects to observe as you scream

😱 How often to do this 3-10 second exercise

This is a 30 minute easy to digest video training with timestamps for easy reference.

You'll be kept accountable with a series of emails to guide you through Scream Therapy.

Ready to come and learn with me?

Scream Therapy is more than you think, yet simple for those who are ready to implement.

Do you think you're up to the challenge?

Let's see if you stick with it and feel the benefits.

Special offer $11 USD ends 6th July and then the price goes up!


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The Art of Listening to Your Body is a podcast from Jin offering up real-life success stories, straight-talking and life-changing insights.

The aim is to create awareness to the underlying emotions behind pain, injury, disease in the body as well as behavioural dysfunctions and mental imbalances using a unique blend of eastern and western philosophies and a good dose of intuition.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the story of your body, what different issues may indicate, how to release emotions so that you can prevent problems as well as inspiring pain story interviews.

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