Dr Jin Ong presents

Emotional Body
Practitioner Training

Transform your therapeutic practice with the innovative Release Process® – a game-changing method designed to help your clients release emotional pain without years of study. 

Increase your impact, broaden your skills, and propel your career to new heights.”

Become a Release Process ® Facilitator Without Years Of Study

Next Program Starts May 2023

Become a Release Process® Facilitator 9 Month Training

Becoming A Truly Holistic Practitioner

It doesn't matter if you're a bodyworker, physical therapist, talk therapist, in person or online.

It doesn't matter if you're a specialist in a certain area.

It doesn't matter how qualified or how many letters you have after your name.

You work with humans, who have a mind and body that work together within an external environment.

They are multi-faceted beings with so much potential.

And they deserve to be looked at as a whole.

Whether it be physical pain on a musculoskeletal level that doesn't heal, or food and gut sensitivities, maybe complications from surgery.

Mental imbalances like depression, anxiety, fears and phobias.

Behavioural issues such as eating disorders, addictions, excessive discipline around exercises or OCD…

Energetic issues such as life simply not working out the way they or you thought it would.

As a someone leading clients you need to be able to go deeper, into the hard stuff.

Their emotions, history, traumas and beliefs.
It's more than just one thing.

As a practitioner, open your mind.

It's the real work that not many are willing to delve into.

Because it requires you to look at yourself as much as your clients.

If you're still keen… read on…

Are you a health and wellness practitioner who's frustrated at not knowing how to address deeper emotional issues with your clients?

Learn To Read The Body + So Much More

Emotional Body Training

Dear Practitioner, Therapist or Coach

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You were trained to be holistic but have no idea what to do with the emotional aspect of health.


You want to understand how the physical body and mental imbalances present the deeper underlying emotional issues.


You know there are deeper issues holding your client's back but don't know how to identify these.

You know that your client's physical, mental & behavioural issues are tied in with the issues they are having in the external life but don't know how to communicate this with them.

You feel like you're unlocking emotions but then you have no idea what to do with it all.

You've done loads of spiritual study, energetic healing but are still challenged to integrate this in a practical way.

You want to learn how to connect the dots to give a truly holistic approach to your treatment.

You work with clients in a natural and alternative way, but what you're doing doesn't feel like it's enough.


You get so drained from one emotional client.

You're wondering how to create a sustainable business aligned with your values.

If This Sounds Like You,
I'm So Glad You're Here

And what's more: You are not alone. I meet so many therapists and coaches  that are so curious about the emotional side of health. They want so much for their clients but feel stuck and frustrated at not being able to deliver more. They want to delve deeper into the emotional backstory but don't know what to say.


Their clients either don't come back, or they just stay stuck, in a holding pattern and then the therapist starts to doubt themselves and question if they're cut out for this type of work.


You can deliver a truly different experience to your clients…

Welcome To Emotional Body Practitioner Training
with Jin Ong

Emotional Body Training

Become A Truly Holistic Practitioner


Become a Release Process® facilitator and truly help you clients process versus cope with their issues. This is a clear and structured four part process that allows for incredible flow, insight and messages to land. You'll be able to hunt the themes and help your clients break the patterns.


Learn how to utilise the chakra system in a unique way to reveal the emotions that are suppressed based on location of issues, mental state and behaviour.
It's all about WHERE the body stores emotions, not about the condition or disease. 


Use the Ayurvedic doshas to spot the early signs and symptoms before crisis hits and learn how your clients are likely to respond to the deeper work. This helps you identify which clients you are best to work with, and how to adapt your work to suit the client best.

Become a
Release Process ® Facilitator

Process, Connect,
Deepen· Empower

Learn where in the body emotions are stored and what different physical, mental, behavioural and energetic issues mean.

Guide your client's attention to discover the story their body is telling them.

Integrate the use of mind-body solutions into your real life practice.

Feel truly confident in calling yourself a holistic therapist and deliver this work in the way that feels right for you.

Emotional Body Training


Want lifetime access to Emotional Body Training course platform plus come and join me on the next LIVE round where you receive 9 months of group coaching and support whilst you work with clients.

This training is $18,888 USD.

Emotional Body Training is my signature course for established practitioners, therapists and coaches.

Here's all the content and LIVE support you get with the Emotional Body Training.


You get the access to high level flow teachings plus all the step-by-step additional lessons and deeper teachings, printable cheat sheets and reference tables. Plus when we go live you get my support in a group coaching format via weekly zoom and a private Facebook group for ten whole weeks.



$4444 USD

$3888 USD

Payment plans available when you click through as well as an alternative link for NZ based practitioners.

What Will I Learn?

EBT is  more than your average training.

A comprehensive online platform combined with live coaching that helps therapists, bodyworkers, and coaches deliver a truly holistic approach in their consults by helping their clients process their emotions.

“When you learn how to read the body, connect the dots and bring awareness to the deeper issues at play you’ll inspire, motivate and empower more people to make a positive change.”

Modules covered along the way…

emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy

Most practitioners know and talk about stored emotions, but the big questions is what to do about it and HOW… This is why the Release Process® was created. A four part process including a structured verbal dialogue process with clear prompts for you to facilitate with your clients to help them shed the layers and receive profound messages from the challenging experiences in life.

You'll be able to help your clients generate a resolution and become less triggered through a simple process, even if it's in the past.



You're going to learn:

  • Release Process® Flow teachings
  • Printable Release Process cheat sheet
  • Release variations
  • Real life video recordings of facilitated sessions
  • Release FAQ lessons
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy

Learn how to truly cater for your clients on an individual level and understand their different capacities to move through emotional work as well as their likely responses.

Doshas are another key pillar taught to help identify imbalances as well as predispositions to medical issues and help you notice the early signs before crisis point hits.



You'RE going to learn:

  • Dosha Flow Teaching
  • Dosha reference tables
  • Individual teachings about each dosha
  • Additional FAQ lessons
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy

Take the stigma and the fear out of different disease states and conditions. Because, it's not about the disease, it's all about location.

When you don't know, or your clients don't know what emotions to process. The chakra system will have you reading the body, mental states and behaviours in a totally different way.

Become more aware of your client's body speaks to you and what it means.



IDENTify stored emotions

You're going to learn:

  • Why location matters more than your condition or disease
  • Chakra Flow Teaching
  • Printable colour chakra body maps including, body, hands, feet and face
  • Printable Chakra reference table
  • Seven chakras – in depth teachings
  • Additional FAQ lessons
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy

Energetic body splits

YOU're going to learn

  • The deeper meaning behind left and right sided issues
  • Feminine and masculine energetics
  • Energetics and emotions behind common issues related to shoulders, hips and knees
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy


YOU're going to learn

  • Feminine and masculine energetics of communication
  • Facilitating conversations with your client and loved ones
  • Encouraging the hard and key conversations to be had in life
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy


YOU're going to learn

  • A more in depth breakdown and link to chakras on each body part/limb
  • What issues with a body part may indicate on an emotional level
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy


YOU're going to learn

  • The emotions behind different organs
  • Early signs leading to organ imbalances
  • The organ clock
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy


YOU're going to learn

  • Deeper dive on specific and common conditions
  • This includes addressing physical aspects and linking back to the emotional processing
  • (Financial) low back pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Skin issues like acne, rashes, lichen sclerosis
  • Weight and the list goes on…
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy


YOU're going to learn

  • Taking a comprehensive history that sets you up for success (template provided)
  • Appointment structure and flow
  • Follow up
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy


YOU're going to learn

  • Attracting your first client
  • Working with your first Release clients
  • A comprehensive history template
  • One off versus a series of sessions
  • Guiding scripts for communicating pre and post appointment expectations
  • Types of additional support you can offer outside of your consults
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy


YOU're going to learn

  • You will be supported to find 1-3 clients of your own from week 3 this is optional but highly recommended as putting this work into action is a completely different ball game
  • As you work with your clients week to week you will have in in the moment support for all your questions that come up
  • Please note that clients are not provided for you and working on one another in the group is not allowed
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy


YOU're going to learn

  • Interweaving Release work into your current practice
  • Screening clients before you decide to work with them (templates provided)
  • Using this work in groups
emotional body training for practitioners with dr jin ong cathartic and emotional release therapy


YOU're going to learn

  • This course runs  LIVE once per year.
  • Receive 9 months of live group coaching via weekly zoom calls and a private Facebook group
  • Replays available to your group only
  • Deepen course content + receive personal support on your journey to becoming a Release Process® facilitator
  • Experiential learning within your group
  • BONUS facilitated session (when joining before early bird) with Jin (recorded and shared with your group for an incredible learning journey). Work on yourself to help others and experience the work you will facilitate first hand.
Naturopathic Doctor

I knew this was the missing piece in the wellness puzzle I'm much more aware of what triggers me and I realize I hold the key to transmuting that energy (and I have the tools) The interaction with my dad- love him to death but man did his behaviour scratch a nerve. Not anymore! The live calls and meeting the other amazing practitioners was one of the best parts. I'm ready to shift my practice in the way I've always wanted and it feels invigorating. I now know I can help move the health needle when I see emotions as the root or playing a large part in one's healing journey If you're ready to do the work and you're all in, go for it!
salna Rees
Dr. Salna Smith
Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist & Emotion Wrangler

I have done many high end courses and had promised myself I didn’t need to do any more. You have taught me though there is a difference between doing another course because you are up levelling and doing another course because you don’t think you are good enough as you are. That was huge for me! I decided to join EBT because I knew I had to delve into the emotions but was not managing to work out how on my own. Because you integrated business guidance, that was the final thing that made me join. The course platform is my favourite part. It has every possible video and guidance I might possibly need with clients moving forward. It will be good to come back to time and again! I have a new understanding of myself and how many of the ways I procrastinate or block myself have been linked to so many experiences in my past! My biggest breakthrough is that it is ok to focus on helping my clients from my heart and not my head. That totally changed my approach and the outcome The best part of EBT is that if I had a question, Jin would almost immediately put up a video to answer it. I have let go of old ideas around what a Naturopath should look like and now only focus on using everything I know to help my client reach their goals. The main focus is now the emotions on purpose, previously the emotions would come up but it wasn’t an intention to work on them. This is work is a game changer. If you are prepared to radically change the way you work with clients, the outcomes will be more than you can hope for! This is truly helping people to change at their very core. The side effect is that you too will transform with every release, every client and every emotion that you sit with. So if you are ready for that kind of a shakeup in your life and business then EBT is for you!
Kylie Wolfig
Kylie Wolfig
Health & Nutritional Coach

I was really keen to sign up for EBT as I participated the Release course first earlier in the year. I knew I wanted to learn more. From my own experience, nutrition is really the basis coupled with supplements, but when the physical symptoms do not shift with dietary changes I was looking for another underlying cause. I felt that suppressed emotions and past traumas contribute a lot to the physical symptoms even though there is no empirical evidence. That was my reason for joining EBT to learn what stored emotions cause physical symptoms. My favourite part was all of it, the group, live calls, the coaches and the platform. A lot of content still to digest. Due to the practice of the Release Process ® my skin has improved (autoimmune condition). My biggest breakthrough was the power of speaking out loud my thoughts using the process taught on the training. I feel more rounded now, not afraid to ask difficult questions, being able to hold space for past traumas, having a tool to support and facilitate a client through processing past traumas. I am able to look at my future clients from a different angle to help them see opportunities for themselves to live the life they desire. My offerings for my clients have changed due to this work and are far more impactful now. If you or your clients aren't making progress despite the implementation of nutrition & dietary changes, supplementations and tests and feel stuck then look at your or your clients emotions. Past traumas like divorce, death of friend/family member, bulling, accidents, miscarriage, still births, family issues can manifest as illness in the body. You learn all about this in EBT.
Ines Harrison
Women's Wellbeing Coach + Human Design

I decided to join EBT because I was searching for personal help to process my own stuck emotions and I knew if it worked for me I would be able to help my clients. The course platform is easy to navigate and very structured. I personally loved how we got to experience and share a 1:1 release session with the group. I got rid of my painful period, now I embrace when they are there because it doesn't hurt as it used to. I also get less triggered by some family members when they are around.
I am more mindful when I feel pain somewhere in my body. I've learned that unprocessed emotions are not only related to 'big' events but they can also have relation to little events that we thought were processed, or even have forgotten about.
I've also learned how to allow my children to feel and express emotions. I also loved the 'flow' live lessons who allow us to absorb everything easily. I am able to pinpoint more where the emotion is stuck and to what issue/trauma it is related. You can go deeper to the root cause of the issue. If you would love to understand yourself and therefore your clients in a whole other way and get to the root cause of issues, learn how to get the emotions unstuck and processed - this is the program!
Kawtar Najjar


Here's What You Get When You Join.

Impactful teaching



Weekly Live Group
Teaching & Coaching

Access to Private Facebook group for additional support

Personal Development
+ Biz Coaching

What Do You Get?

Online Course Platform

emotional body training course content (2)

Lifetime access to the course platform with video and written content to digest at your own pace plus all future updates.

Course Platform

A clear and ordered structure and process to follow additional FAQs, video content, transcripts that are kept short and to the point so that they are easy to digest. This platform grows as you do. You can also access this via a phone app.


Printable cheat sheets, body maps and reference tables that condense the knowledge you'll learn in a quick and easy to access way. Great to print out and have access to when you're learning in the early stages with clients.


Come and join the live calls to present personal or client issues and receive coaching and support on how to work with the Release Process ® as a facilitator. You'll also have access to a private Facebook group for the duration of the training for additional support between live calls. Access to live group coaching recordings for your group only.


Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded practitioners just like you that want to work outside the box and truly help their clients. My courses and trainings attract a unique group of individuals. I always trust that the right people come together, and they always do.

Your weekly live coaching call schedule:

This training is normally held on a Thursday NZT (Wednesday US/Canada/Europe) and live calls run for 90 minutes. Please join the waitlist so you know when the next training will run and the proposed time.

Weekly Group Zoom
9.00 - 10.30 am NZT

7.00am AEST (Melbourne/Sydney)
*1.00pm PDT (California) changes to 12pm from 7th Nov
5.00pm EDT (New York, Toronto)
*4.00pm CDT (Texas) changes to 3pm from 7th Nov
*9.00pm BST (London) changes 8pm from 30th Oct


Thursday 5th Oct
Thursday 12th Oct
Thursday 19th Oct
Thursday 26th Oct 

Thursday 2nd Nov
Thursday 9th Nov
Thursday 16th Nov
Thursday 23rd Nov
Thursday 30th Nov

Thursday 7th the Dec 

Become More Present

Clinical Nutritionist + Nurse

The hesitations I had about signing up for EBT is balancing it with work commitments and the investment. I've wanted to join for a few years as I felt so drawn to the content that was being shared. I understand that the emotional work and trauma are often missing pieces in a client's healing journey, and I wanted to be able to guide clients through releasing this. I loved the live calls and I learnt so much from the coaching and fellow students. I also loved the 1-on-1 sessions that really allowed me to go deeper into my own emotional work. I also loved hearing others experiences with their own releases and clients releases via the Facebook group. I feel more confident about the direction that I want to go in with my business. I've always felt that there was something missing with my business as a Nutritionist, and focusing solely on diet and lifestyle was not enough for me. Now with this new knowledge and tools, I want to incorporate that into my business and really make it a business for the body-mind-soul. I have also noticed that my creativity has increased while undergoing the training which happened during release too. I've been writing often, mainly poetry, which I find an amazing release in itself, and a calling from my soul that I need to write more and share what I write.
Kristy Emmett
GP Medical Doctor + Mindfulness Practitioner

Initially I was hesitant because I had too many courses at the same time. I decided to join anyway to really learn how to facilitate the Release Process ® for others. My favourite part of the training was the group calls and 1:1 sessions. I use the Release Process ® as a “go to “ for myself and it’s really taken the heat out of challenges . It’s allowed me to come to a conversation that needs to be had more consciously. It’s allowed me to sit with the hard stuff. My biggest breakthrough was that I could release parts - like my Perfectionist part. By doing the work on myself and working with clients with support I learned a process that will help others, to help them release trauma, not just recognised it. I feel more confident working with clients on a deeper emotional level now rather than referring them off. If someone was thinking about doing EBT, I’d tell them It’s so worth it!
Dr. Tonya Cruikshank

EBT was a big investment and I was apprehensive about going through the Release Process ® myself in order do this work with clients. I desired my practice to be truly holistic and this needs to include the emotional component. I loved the live calls - being able to learn from the amazing coaching and also the other participants. I am far more calm and accepting of the things that happen around me. It has become much easier for me to
just 'let it go'. The direct connection between my migraines and my repressed emotions was my biggest breakthrough. I am far more comfortable with the expression of big/hard/'negative' emotions and this is a win for both myself and my clients My work with my clients changed: It is much more fluid now. If I see there is an emotional component to what's going on then I have the tools to confidently address it If you’re thinking about doing EBT, Just go for it! Don't overthink it.
Bronwyn Quinn
Coach/Mentor - Integrative Ageing PhD
I decided to join because I wanted to learn more about emotional trauma that we hold in our physical body and how to release it. Along the way learned to be more aware with how my emotions can overrun me and do something about it. My biggest breakthrough was helping myself to heal my religious trauma wounds and come up with a new program called Anointed Heretic to help others with their religious trauma. I enjoyed every part of EBT especially the group. I feel more confident in myself as a healer. I'm able to see how physical conditions/issues/pain are closely intertwined with past emotional trauma. Do it! No hesitations, jump right in.
Dr. Nicole Marcionne, PhD

This Is The Missing Link​

Hi, I'm Dr Jin...

I’ve been a physical therapist for 15 years. I've qualified and worked as an osteopath, herbalist, western acupuncturist and psychosomatic therapist… But I haven’t always loved it.

I found the real-life practice was so different from what I was taught. There were some clients I just couldn't figure out how to help. 

I started to get down about my work. Something was missing. So I committed myself to finding this elusive thing.

Some of my chronic clients were living through years of pain. I noticed that their motivation to heal had been worn out, along with any inclination to carry on taking personal responsibility for their health.

It was almost like they wanted to stay in pain. However, here they were in my clinic, and I was their last resort.

Deep down I knew I had to find a way that would bring their issues to light. To actually get to the true essence that was causing their suffering.

And then it happened. I had found the key that unlocked their route to healing. From that point forward the results came faster, and far more profoundly, than I could ever have imagined.

Naturally I started to share my work with other practitioners. So that they too may create these deeper levels of healing, both for themselves and their clients.

"What Types of Practitioner Is This Training For?"

EBT is perfect for any practitioner who works with clients to improve their health and well being and wants to create a bigger shift in people's lives.

Whether you're an experienced therapist, bodyworker, or coach. This training is for you.

For the experienced it can help fill the gaps and give you an extra skill to use in your consultations.

For those at the beginning of your journey even better- the earlier you can be exposed to this work the easier it is to integrate it into your practice.

Ideally the group will be mainly practitioners who have an active client base and experience working with clients. This enriches the learning process.

You need to have an open mind and willing to do the deeper work yourself.


  • Physical therapists: Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists
  • Bodyworkers: massage therapists, somatic movement therapists, yoga instructors, pilates teachers
  • Coaches: life, business, mindset & transformatmion coaches
  • Counsellors, OTs, clinical therapists
  • Other therapists: Nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists….
  • Conventional and alternative therapists looking to open their mind
  • Actively seeing clients so that you can be supported to help them on a deeper level

"I've done similar courses before, is EBT really that different?"


What Have Other Practitioners Gained Through EBT?

Hear what Emotional Body Training Participants have to say.

Mikal Takita - Naturopath

Over the course of 12 months being introduced to this work… I no longer have “Hashimoto's Thyroiditis”. I'm pregnant. Healed severe endometrial pain. Improved relationship with husband and family. More compassion for self, listening to intuition and what my body is trying to tell me.

Ability to see more potential in life and desires for my life. 

Being relieved of an autoimmune condition is something that I didn't really think was possible. But it is.


Jo Hale- Equine-Assisted & Adventure Therapist

I felt like I had found the gold at the end of the rainbow! This work was was the missing link for me.

EBT has given me a gift,a tool to not only help myself but now I can bring this to my clients and I’am so excited about that!

I’ve tidied up the way I work.
I don’t have to give all of myself to my clients! I’am learning to work online and I love it!

It will change your life for the better! Invest in yourself because when you do everything changes for the better. This work is deep and if your ready for transformation on every level this is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!

Lee Duncan - Women's Health Physiotherapist

This experience brought a more robust and holistic integration into my clinical practice.

It’s allowed me to realise a dream of moving overseas and creating a source of income that isn’t too dependent on my time.

The impact it has made on me emotionally has been so positive and I fell pregnant!

It has opened up amazing possibilities and a whole new world.

ROSHNI MOHANBHAI MISTRY - Dietician / Nutritionist

It was an all encompassing beautiful, wild, soul nourishing journey.

I feel so much more centred and clear in my direction. I always dreamt of helping people to nourish themselves on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

I am confident that I can  help people to attain true health and also teach them the tools to continue evolving on their own beautiful journeys.

GEORGIE KING - Nutritional Therapist

This filled the knowledge gaps that I needed to truly create transformation for someone.

Now I really feel equipped to face anything and to help anybody through anything.

 I follow my gut and intuition more and I really understand the language of the body and our emotions so I can lead sessions with clients that are much more bespoke and unique to their needs.

NAT DOUGLAS - Nutritionist (Thyroid, Gut, Hormones)

I feel more accepting of uncertainty knowing I have tools when it comes to clients where food and supplements only gets them so far.

I also feel more confident in my work when emotional blocks come up for clients.

I feel less triggered, more supported with internal resources and just more grounded even amongst what had been one of the most turbulent years of my life.

LOUISE HANSEN - Gut Psychology Coach

One of the biggest shifts for me was learning how to hold space for someone. When someone is upset I feel this urge to jump in.  And that isn't always what someone needs. I've learnt just to sit, hold that space, that safe, honest, trusting environment that allows my clients to be able to share.

It’s the evolving energetic shifts that I think have been most profound. I'm seeing some really beautiful transformations and healing with my clients.

QING ZHOU - Wealth Coach

One of the BIGGEST lessons I took from this experience is about learning to become the practitioner that was like a magical lake. Clients want to come to a lake that is clear and has magical healing waters, not murky from crap practitioners are holding onto. The energy of the container was powerful as was the information taught.

if you want to let the old go and embody the next level you, and aren't afraid of deep (potentially difficult) inner work, jump right in!

SHANNON CARLIN - Oncology Naturopath

One of the biggest shifts for me was learning how to hold space for someone. When someone is upset I feel this urge to jump in.  And that isn't always what someone needs. I've learnt just to sit, hold that space, that safe, honest, trusting environment that allows my clients to be able to share.

It’s the evolving energetic shifts that I think have been most profound. I'm seeing some really beautiful transformations and healing with my clients.

ALEX BOWLES - Kinesiologist

EBT is a perfect mixture of learning new techniques, working on myself, and supporting my business. It was like doing a spiritual business course. That's the best way to explain it maybe.

Within the eight weeks of our program I lost 5kgs and that was big for me because in the past I would just cut out carbs and do some more exercise and I would lose weight, but it was literally stuck. I think releasing those stagnant emotions also allowed my stuck weight to finally ease off and release.

Somatic Dance Therapist, Counsellor & Bodyworker

Incorporating mind and body work together and guiding clients through the process of release, I now feel like I'm leaving people a lot better off. Letting their body tell them what needs removing or unblocking. It's been amazing. I've literally seen results times twenty.

For the first time in my life I feel like nothing is missing. I feel like I'm honest with myself. I've become really honest and understanding of who I am and if something comes up: process it. It doesn't need to be a big four-day journey. And yes, simple, life’s become really simple and quite stable.

Life Coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist & heart math practitioner

EBT has been the best investment I have made both personally and professionally. It has brought so much value, not only in my business and the way I work with clients but personally too. It's a complete transformational process.

Personally I love to start client sessions with this. It creates a light bulb moment and my clients are like: “Oh my God, this is me. And this is what I need to work on.” 

YVANE FIFITA - Somatic Bodyworker

There was always a bit of hesitation around bringing up thoughts and feelings with clients, partly because I didn't know how to express them myself.

During the course I learnt how to acknowledge and release my emotions and now I am able to talk about emotions with my patients and provide them with the opportunity to express how they feel.

NINA KENNETT - Health Coach

I'd had three years of chronic hip, pelvis and lower back pain. I was unable to sleep on one side of my body and I couldn't do the sports that I love.

I'm now 98% pain free and feel so blessed to be able play sports again. And to be able to sleep, not waking in pain.

Because I'd done so much emotional work before it was like, “what am I missing? Why is the pain still persisting?” So it was really awesome to get to the bottom of it. And just dive deeper into the emotional stuff.

EMILY BREWER - Emotional Health Coach

It's an amazing feeling to be able to help clients release something which they know has been hanging over their shoulders. 

EBT has also really helped me understand the relationships with different people in my life and understand that why they do what they do is actually just part of them. I'm now less triggered by them and really come at things with much more compassion and understanding. I feel like I really understand my friends and family a lot better. And I just have much better relationships.

LUI KIDNER - Nutritionist & Colon Hydrotherapist

I'm still a nutritionist and a colon hydrotherapist, but it is so nice to have the world of emotions open up.

I think the fact that I am now so comfortable with it, and that in a lot of sessions me and my clients spend a lot of time talking about that side of things, I am able to address those areas first and foremost, before we even go into nutrition and supplements.

ARIANA HENDERSON - Bodyworker & Massage Therapist

I use my voice. I set boundaries. I look at triggers completely differently.

I don't avoid triggers and run away anymore. When they come up I say thank you and put in the work to release them.

It’s so quick now.. I don't feel stuck. Professionally business has totally boomed!

GEMMA HAY - Podiatrist / Health & Mindset Coach

Doing this work has changed the trajectory of what I'm doing, where I'm coaching, and where I'm seeing my whole future.  It has allowed me to acknowledge the parts of me that didn't have a voice, that were being ignored or dismissed. The release process let me sit with them and speak to the needs and wants of what was underneath all that.

Now my patients are getting real change because we're getting under those layers. And it’s not fluffy or trying to reframe something or trying to positively out think the truth of what's going on. It’s looking at absolute truth. It's diving in deep and it's more real, authentic, genuine. All the things that I want to be.

SARA ACLAND - Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach

The work that I did releasing my own traumas has helped my relationships so much, and my parenting and my coaching as well.

I had a low grade anxiety just sort of humming around in the background and I don't have that anymore. It's amazing how you don't really realize it's there until it's released.

Since doing the training I've got more clarity about where I want to go with my coaching and I feel way more confident about what I can help people with.

ELLE BROWN - Women's Health Nutritionist.

For the first time I was getting to the crux off my clients issues and watched their issues fall away.
I was deficient in vitamin B12, D and iron as well as liver issues.

My bloods are now stable and the only things I changed was the emotional work.

Jin cracked me wide open. I’ve done a lot of emotional healing work but never have I experienced the shifts that I experienced on this training.

BEC TALIA - Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist

This course has changed everything for me. I’m seeing great results in my clients and I’ve never been happier with how I practice.

My anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies are almost completely gone. I feel the best I have in years.

BROC MARTIN - Health Coach

It was so valuable to go through the process myself. I needed to experience the power that comes through this work before I offer it to my clients.

This training got me thinking about my soul purpose. One of the best things was the support of the group who I got to share my journey with. I was encouraged and supported all the way through.

VENLA KÄRKI - Osteopath

With Jin’s guidance I’m more confident in taking care of the emotional issues in my patients. I have become a more holistic practitioner.

I’m more comfortable expressing my own feelings, and am more confident in letting other people express their emotions and not it personally. This has allowed me to hold space for my patients at a deeper level.

ALITA BLANCHARD - Conscious Parent Coach

EBT was everything I expected. I loved the community within the group. I felt really connected to the other women and there was incredible support from all the lead coaches.

My work with my clients has developed into a much deeper space. I'm able to give them a way of actually connecting and releasing anger,guilt and shame that’s all wrapped up in layers in the body. It’s a really healthy energy. I think as women we so often shutdown our anger and this is a great tool for addressing that.

FIONA PUGH - Eating Psychology Coach

The other business and coaching groups I am a part of just fail in comparison to the connections and support and advice I have gained from this experience. 

Professionally I’m so much more grateful for my clients choosing me to work with. It’s an honour to make space for others and take them through this work.

I can see that they are able to go more deep into their own healing. I feel like I can close the loop with them that I couldn’t before.

BRANDI BISSELL - Coach and Bodyworker

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My biggest breakthrough was on a personal level because I felt myself change. I  realized just how much calmer I am and how much more of a better listener I am. I’ve also noticed how much more open I am to possibility. It really has just taken me to a different thought level of what is possible.

When I was able to start including emotional release work with my clients it made all of the pieces of the coaching process come together. Now it's just like this magical experience that I feel that everyone needs in their life in order to really move forward.

JOSEPHINE SUTTON - Gut Specialist Dietician

I noticed that my clients' issues were always coming back to their emotions. I would help fix their gut issues and their nutrition but as soon as they hit a stress point in their life all their problems would come flooding back.

The EBT programme has been magical. An amazing bond is formed in the group because we are all working through our own emotional layers, beliefs, issues, and worries together at the same time.

I'm able to hold space and delve deeper and bring awareness to the underlying emotions behind my client's issues.

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TILBY BLANCH - Occupational Therapist & Bodyworker

I felt really supported during the training. I loved that there were different practitioners and we all brought our different perspectives to the group.

I learned a huge amount from being in a space with other practitioners.
I found that EBT is not necessarily a step-by-step  process, but rather an eclectic mix of different elements which we can bring into our work in our own unique ways. It really opens up the ability to work in a way that feels true and aligned.

Brittany Mccann - Nutritionist & Functional Hormone Practitioner

I can see the changes happening in my clients . I watch over sessions and love when they start coming back with these A-ha moments.

Following EBT I have decided to completely rebrand my business and combine the physical and emotional aspects of my work together. It really has changed everything.

The best part of my experience was that I just really loved our group, the support and the realness.

Kiri Binnersley - Chiropractor

My biggest breakthrough was just allowing space and taking time to be slow, which has always been really difficult. My goal is to help others with their emotional trauma. I've always had that strong pull towards it.

The work with my clients is different since I started the course. I definitely feel like I'm more calm and I'm less rushed.

I just feel more grounded and clearer as to where I was wanting to go instead of just being all over the place.

Michelle Kilgour - Massage therapist + Reiki Practitioner

The work with my clients has changed. I'm a lot calmer and I have a deeper connection with people.

I recognise body parts that are areas that need healing, and why they need healing.

Everyone’s quietly terrified of telling their deepest darkest soul secrets to a bunch of strangers, but everyone does it. 

Processing those problems or areas in your life; releasing that crap that comes with all that. I couldn't recommend it enough.

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Jo Shearer - Occupational Therapist

My biggest breakthrough was thinking ‘who gives a shit, just be yourself’, because being authentic is the way to go.

Having the belief that I can help people with my own unique pool of experience – as an occupational therapist, but also a personal trainer and teacher.

I had lots of questions in terms of the professional aspect and how I could put this into my work as an occupational therapist, but within the first week or two my concerns were alleviated.

Heather Dinn - Health Coach

I think this programme is for anybody who is interested in experiencing a deeper way of living and wants to work on their emotional care.

I feel the power that this emotional release tool is beyond anything I've ever experienced in my life. I knew it existed intuitively. I knew it it had to be there. 

It  feels so supportive. It's been so amazing to watch people flocking to understand because they feel it too. I think that emotional body training was so supportive in how I'm able to bring this on a different level to clients that I worked with before.

Karen Nelson - Massage Therapist

Play Video about karan

I felt like I was like the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, realising that they (my clients) have a lot of deeper emotional issues and that it wasn't being addressed.

I wanted to offer more. 

 I'm going to bring the emotional processing work and all that I've learning alongside the massage business that I have. I think whether it's for your business or personally for yourself, you'll get so much out of this training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have lifetime access to Emotional Body Training course platform. Plus all updates! This platform will continue to grow as you do. You get access to ONE live round of the training.

This is my signature course for practitioners loaded with life changing teachings and coaching topics.

3 core pillars

1. Emotional Metabolism – Process your emotions using the Release Process®
2. What emotions are stored – Chakras
3. Discover your true nature – Doshas

It's best to work through these in order.

These are condensed teachings including video, slide presentation and transcript.

Each pillar is taught in a flow teaching with individual broken down lessons and deeper teachings.

Additional FAQs answered in video format.

Printable cheat sheets, colour body maps, and reference tables.

Access to prerecorded guest speaker content.

Learn Release variations to process emotions on experiences such as miscarriages, abortions, organs that are no longer part of your body, organs that don't function as you would like, on yourself, inanimate objects, communities and groups. The list goes on!

Common conditions explained including addressing the physical as well as emotional aspects.

Additional coaching topics

BONUS access to 9 months live group coaching. The first 12 weeks are weekly and then continue with two calls per month

BONUS access to 9 months of private facebook group support

BONUS access to live group call replays shared with your group only

BONUS 1:1 consult with Jin recorded and shared only with your group for learning purposes (valued at $5555 USD)

You will be guided each week as to what modules to work on. Each module has a video/transcript/audio version that you can download and consume at your own pace.

You will need to set aside around 2 hours per week to listen to the content + 2 hours for the weekly live calls. You have lifetime access to all of the content and any updates. Not all of it will be relevant for you depending on what clients you tend to see. As you see clients with different conditions and presentations I will discuss them with you. This combined with the live calls is when the information will stick.

Additional Facebook videos are added time to time depending on the themes going on in the group you will also get access to these replays but the more present you can be at the time, the more you will get out of the experience.

Be on time for the coaching calls. We go for up to 90 minutes You'll learn from asking and you'll learn from observing others being coached. So many aha moments in this space!

All coaching calls are recorded and replays will be shared with your group only (ie these do not get added to the course platform as previous participants have access).

The live calls are recorded and will be available via a file on the Facebook group.

You also have access to the private Facebook group and I’ll be there to support you with your questions for the duration of the training.

Some say the live coaching is the best part, to connect, share and grow. It is in your best interest to set aside this time to show up for yourself. This is also your opportunity to get comfortable with other's emotions and be inspired by the changes that occur.

Most people learn from the live interaction. This can't be learnt from a text book. Think of the content as your reference. It's OK if you don't get through it all by the end of the training. You have lifetime access.

During the training you are encouraged to work with at least one client from week 3. You will be supported from stages of attracting a client and working with them. This is optional however highly recommended as implementing this work is a completely different story to learning it!

Clients are not provided for you during this training as this would not teach you sustainable business practices.

The earlier you get this information the better!
This is what helped me feel like I could deliver a holistic approach and I wish I had found this work at the beginning of my practice. Ideally you are seeing clients.

If you are a student or just starting out please note priority is given to practitioners actively seeing clients. You will get the most out of this work if you can implement it with your clients.
Please get in touch and I will assess if it is appropriate to let you into the training. Please contact me via email [email protected] before you purchase.

If you’re feeling like you’re getting stuck with clients or not enjoying working with them, you need this work. It will help you pull your clients up on the emotions and beliefs that keep them stuck in their chronic pattern. This work is hugely satisfying when you can bring awareness to the true issues at hand.

Don’t worry I will help you with this. Once you learn the technique and start to practice this I'll teach you how to broach the topic with your clients with certain lines of questioning to help you delve deeper.

Learning where emotions are stored and what physical presentations mean is the easy part, it’s the communication with your clients that is challenging. During the live coaching and in the Facebook support group you can ask us all your questions about your clients and we'll help you problem solve and navigate your way through their treatment.

We all have emotions including you. During this training you will uncover your own blocks that require acknowledging and coaching to help you facilitate this work.

You do need to be prepared to be vulnerable and trust that you are supported by myself and the group.

To do this work on your clients you need to go through the process and discomforts yourself to be able to give your clients a nudge.

Yes. This training has been run five times nowg now and the the results have been amazing. Not only for the participant's professional life but also their personal life and emotional awareness.

I also facilitate a large group- Release course for the general public.

I’m constantly teaching this work to my clients and community. I’ve also held small workshops with therapists teaching them techniques, and always integrate the emotional aspect into applying a technique or therapy.

I have owned a two bricks and mortar clinics and run a team of practitioners and support staff and later went on to sell this 5+ years later. I have also worked with physiotherapists in my clinic in the past; all of whom I have mentored to ensure they are delivering a holistic approach to treatment.

Over the years I’ve been asked to teach this in a more structured way, and this is it.

I am always teaching it to my clients and teach practitioners online (in another training). I’m constantly teaching this to my community. I’ve also held small workshops with therapists and the community teaching them techniques, and always integrate the emotional aspect into applying a technique. 

The group size is kept to a size that is big enough to provide peer group community and small enough so that everyone gets individual attention.

At this stage we will take no more than 14.

It all depends the plan is 1-2x per year. This could be your only chance. Who knows? If you always say later, do yourself a favour and do it now. My motto is ‘get started' and you'll be better off than if you didn't.

More support is available when you join the LIVE training. On top of additional content available on the course platform to support your journey you get access to Jin via weekly zooms (12 weeks) then x2 monthly zooms (6 months) and private Facebook group for 9 months to deepen the course content and receive more personal support.

We ask that you respect the energy and time that has gone into creating this course.

We ask that you do not share the content, not everyone is up to doing the deeper emotional work and we believe that those who are ready need to lead themselves to this space.

You can tell your friends and those searching about this work, but please don't share your logins and give others access to your course platform.

In the game of life there are no guarantees.

We ask everyone who takes part in our courses to take self-responsibility and ensure that you feel safe at all times.

The more you put in the more you will get out.

First of all look at this as an investment in yourself.

You get valuable skills that have a positive impact and last a lifetime.

When you work on yourself everyone around you benefits.

If everything shared with you resonates. Go with your heart. Trust it. 

There are payment options available (just click through to the checkout page to see them).

Plus I’m going to put lots of time into supporting you to ensure you get the most out of this course. What you learn extends beyond the ten weeks together as you as you put the effort in.

However we ask that if this is going to cause financial stress that you do not commit, it has to feel right to join.There are payment options available (just click through to the checkout page to see them).

Yes if you click through to join you will see payment plan options. Please note that payment plans are to help you pay off the course over time. If you choose the payment plan option you are committed to complete all outstanding payments.

There are no refunds on instant access digital products with downloadable content.

Please choose to purchase this intentionally as requests for refunds for this offer will not be responded to.

PS if you are already thinking of how you can get out of this, please do not purchase this or any of the courses that are on offer 🙂

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