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ReclaimYour Power

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Live masterclass with Jin

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Reclaim you POWER!!

When you step into your POWER…

You'll take things less personal.

You'll learn what's in your control.

Your boundaries are held and respected.

You can stop worrying what others will think about you.

You'll stop handing your power over to the external circumstances in life.

You're able to make grounded decisions that you stand by and stand for.

You make moves that come from a deeper place of knowing.

When you find your power the world responds.


What you'll learn

Live masterclass with Jin

Hi There, I'm Jin

dr jin ong private coaching cathartic and emotional release therapy sq

I don't have a title to describe what I do now. My work is in my story.

I'm professionally trained as an osteopath, herbalist, western acupuncturist and psychosomatic therapist…

I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients over the years and now work with the undesirable manifestations on a physical, mental, behavioural and energetic level.  Those who don't respond to traditional or conventional methods.

The core of my work is intuitively reading the body and processing emotions.

My ultimate soul work is to express my soul purpose and reconnect you to yours.

I am obsessed with the mind-body connection and fascinated by what comes out of people when they release on a deeper level. Not just emotionally.

I love to read into what emotions are held in your body (beyond the physical) and therefore what it's trying to tell you.

I have no filter when it comes to you asking me for advice for your problems. I'll tell you how I see it, you just need to be ready to hear it.

Let's get comfortable with discomfort and speak about the unspoken

Live masterclass with Jin

Ready To Come & Learn With Me?

Ready to step into your POWER?

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Date: Thursday 15th December 11am NZT

We're done talking about Reclaiming Your Power… but you can grab the replay which will remain FREE for a limited time.

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Reclaim Your POWER

Thursday 15th December 11am NZT


Day 1 FREE: 19th September 2022
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