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Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

Practitioner & Business Coaching

1:1 Business Coaching
Three & Six Month Packages

Turn your ideas into reality with focused support.
Ideas on how to grow your business and stay on top of life. Special interest in health and wellness practices.
Sole practitioners or building teams.

1-hour accountability video calls (three weeks on, one week off).
Clean up the mess and get control of your business.
Get clear on your values, mission and vision.
Simplify. Implement systems. Value & self-worth.
Feel like your business is an extension of yourself.
Goals-driven. Actionable steps. Keeping you focused.

Practitioner Coaching
The Emotional Body Training
8 week online course and mentoring. ENROLL NOW FOR OCT 8th START

The Art Of Listening To Your Body practitioner training.
Teaching you how to become a truly holistic practitioner and understand how the body presents and what underlying emotions are at play.

Learn how to communicate this with your clients to bring greater awareness, help them take responsibility and heal them from the chronic cycle they are stuck in.

Weekly structured content. Weekly live Q&A coachings calls over 8 weeks.

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If you’re serious about growing your business, become  more sustainable in your practice, or upskill… click on one of the options to book a complimentary call.

I prefer to work with people aspiring to enter or already practising in the health and wellness industry.

I feel so much more organised and structured in my day. I know where to start working and am more realistic about what I can achieve in a day. Beforehand I just felt overwhelmed with so many things to do and didn’t know what to prioritise. I now have better habits around morning routines, and boundaries for myself between work and personal life. I realised that I needed to clean up the mess in order to move forwards in both personal and business life and how important it was to address my personal relationships to help my business flourish. I liked the accountability and being told directly what to do, with clear action points on what I needed to achieve. The structure is what I liked the best. I stopped putting out the immediate fires and could see the bigger picture and how to get there without the fluff. Initially I had hesitations around the cost involved due to the stage of business I was at which was during a growth period but now I would highly recommend business coaching with Jin, to help create efficiencies, systems, clarity on what’s really important, and structure on how to achieve what goals have been set.
Lisa Carnie

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