energetic body splits masterclass
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Energetic Body Splits

Let's talk about the energetic body splits and how the manifestation of issues on your left or right side of your body can bring awareness to underlying emotions to be processed.

This is an introduction to feminine and masculine energetics using the physical body as an example.

Mixing woo with the practical.

$111 USD

This is the core foundations of starting to understand feminine and masculine energy using physical manifestations as an example.

After many years working with clients in person and now online.

Some patterns cannot be ignored!

I'll share the energetics and emotions behind common issues related to your shoulders, hips and knees.

Then share a story of how much deeper asking about right sided issues go…It revealed hatred, resentment, jealousy, injustice and grief over the loss of organs that had been removed due to a cancer experience.

Let it all unravel.

Hi There, I'm Jin

Psychosomatic therapist would best describe what I do and who I am now.
I'm professionally trained as an osteopath, herbalist, western acupuncturist and psychosomatic therapist… turned online coach.

I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients over the years. With their discomfort, chronic pain, injury, illness, disease and weird and wonderful manifestations. Many whom don't respond to traditional or conventional methods.

I am obsessed with the mind-body connection and fascinated by what comes out of people when they release on a deeper level. Not just emotionally. I love a good purge. The pees, the poos, vomits and so much more! Some say it's like an Ayuascha or DMT experience.

I love to read into what emotions are held in your body and therefore what it's trying to tell you.

I have no filter when it comes to you asking me for advice for your problems. I'll tell you how I see it, you just need to be ready to hear it.

Let's get comfortable with discomfort and speak about the unspoken.

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Ready To Come & Learn With Me?

energetic body splits masterclass

Ready to enter the world of energetics from a different perspective?
Learn how the feminine and masculine energy plays out in your physical body and the messages it has to teach you.

$111 USD

If you are enrolling now, be intentional about what you are committing to. Put your energy in and trust that whatever lessons you receive are what you need in this present moment.

Due to the nature of digital products and instant access to templates there are NO REFUNDS.

Disclaimer: I love all my programs and live by everything I teach. Participants have also been able to achieve incredible results. The testimonials on this page are from real people who have worked with me through this program.

Because we're in the game of life I don't guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all participants.

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Thursday 14th Sept 9am NZT



Day 1 FREE: 19th September 2022
For practitioners & healers