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Pivoting From Offline To Online

Emerge Mastermind

For Practitioners & Healers

Pivoting From Offline to Online

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question for you...

Ready to make 2022 your year to go all in and bring your practice online and truly transform the lives of your clients?

You've got the skills, you've got the knowledge and a whole heap more to offer.

Welcome To Emerge

Does this sound familiar...

Does this sound familiar...

But here's the issue

You know things need to change...

… you stop when there's noone to hold you accountable

… you fill your time whenever space appears

… you're waiting for the perfect time

… you have so much to offer

… you keep holding yourself back

… you  know that it's possible to have more

Can you imagine...

What it would feel like to be working exactly the way you want, seeing the best ever clients and having space in your life to do things you love?

Over the course of 12 months you will work on creating and implementing your intuitive business strategy.

You'll learn how to pivot your business partially or fully online and create massive impact and income.

As a busy practitioner you'll always hit the ceiling when it comes to how many people you can see in a day or a week. You wonder how you could work with your clients who would benefit from more time with you. But, you look around and wonder how you can charge more when you compare yourself to your peers.

It's all possible.

It's time to step into a different paradigm of healthcare.

More space, time, energy and money  for you.

Life changing transformations 
for your clients ready to commit to themselves.

You know you're destined for more. You're destined to thrive in business not just survive!


it doesn't have to be hard or take a long time

It really is possible to...

… put yourself first

… surrender and trust

… embrace your gifts

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Play with fear as you step into the resistance and express your gifts that change the world.



You get a team of coaches to support and guide you NO MATTER WHAT life may present you over the next 12 months.

emerge mastermind bundle dr jin ong the art of listening to your body

Emerge is a 12-month group mastermind where you'll learn to deepen the relationship with yourself and others.

You will learn to create offers that change people's lives, that people want to buy! You'll learn the energy behind selling.

You will finally put your best work out there and see your true value. All while being guided and supported by a team of coaches and a like-minded community that is supporting and cheering you on.

Learn how to operate your business in line with your human design – work less and create more.

get inspired...

Here's shifts people experienced in the Mastermind.

jin ong moth sq sml.png

This was the most life-changing time in my life. I'm grounded, powerful and connected and have purpose for my passion. It just exploded inside me. And without mastermind, there’s probably no way that that would’ve ever happened.

I started to embrace my feminine energy. I started to understand my worth. I started to be in a place of allowing and trusting and surrendering and having way more faith than I ever had before. 

I have more clarity of purpose. I know how to run my business, how to work IN my business and how to work ON my business. I know exactly where I want to go.

What I learned about energetics made my mind explode. 

When I got aligned, I signed my first intimacy coaching client! With interest coming from 3 other people as well! 

Your life is going to be different at the end of your experience. It's going to be better and more enriched and more connected and aware. This is not the end for me.  I will be connecting again.
My life has changed too much not to!

Brandi Bissell - Sex & intimacy Coach

jin ong moth sq sml.png

When I joined the mastermind I was running and working in my chiropractic biz. I wanted to branch out to the online  space and transition into the coaching world.

I learned everything from systems, pricing and energetics to attract and work with my ideal clients. 

The support available was so beneficial as I made transitions with my existing business and creating a new one, all whilst navigating some tricky situations.

I hired an associate to work in my business which created the space I needed to build my confidence and explore new business ideas.

I loved the connection to others on this journey and the ability to continue to work on myself.  I'm now better able to regulate my emotions.

I have so much more confidence in my ability to work at a deeper level with my clients as they move through life's challenges.

I'd absolutely recommend this mastermind if you are stuck on what to do next with your professional life.

Kiri Binnersley - Chiropractor & Emotional Release Coach

Ready to dive even deeper?

WHAT WE COVER IN 12 months together

Here's how we roll...


Create Your Life Path

  • Get clear on your core values
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Get clear on what YOU desire
  • See the possibilities 
  • Love your business and let it evolve
  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Surrender to the process


Creating Ease & Flow

  • Declutter
  • Simplify
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Fun biz planning
  • Systems that set your free
  • Creating space for clients
  • Foundations that help you grow
  • Pivot and shift
  • Done for you templates and examples


Work Your Offers

  • Get clear on your offer
  • Going from one off sessions to packages
  • Create aligned pricing
  • Create higher end offers
  • Nailing and selling your 1:1 offer
  • Create group courses


Aligned Marketing

  • Let go of what no longer serves
  • Communicate on a deeper level
  • Improve your energetic communication
  • Attract ideal clients
  • Organic growth
  • Social media marketing and in person marketing
  • Masterclasses
  • Podcasting


Client Journey

  • Develop your coaching skills
  • Take your clients on a transformational journey
  • Learn when to lean back and let your clients lead
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Different ways to support your clients
  • Done for you coaching templates to rebrand


Rewire To Wealth

  • Improve the relationship with yourself
  • Re-wire self sabotaging thoughts
  • Know that you are born worthy
  • Amplify your receiving vibes
  • Money mindset
  • Learn to trust yourself
  • Reconnect to your innate body wisdom


The Woo

  • Create space for more good things in life
  • Express feminine and masculine energy
  • Tap into the field of possibility & potentiality
  • Hold energetic boundaries
  • Intention & desire
  • Learn to surrender to the process
  • Utilise the 7 spiritual laws of success
  • Play with fear and resistance
  • Take quantum leaps
  • Constant evolution and growth


Human Design

  • Create a life and biz according to your design
  • Discover how to use your time and energy
  • Operate in alignment
  • Identify energy leaks
  • Utilise your best way to share your gifts
  • Deepen self-love
  • Have compassion for self and others
  • Transform conditioning


Epic Support

  • Be in a space with like-minded souls
  • Bounce your ideas, write/speak them out to gain clarity
  • Create the vibes to rise up
  • A space free of judgement
  • Freedom to express safely
  • Personal + Biz support
  •  3 coaches in your back pocket + 1:1 laser coaching each month
  • Voxer chat access with Jin

Ready to initiate a ripple effect?

jin ong moth sq sml.png

I couldn’t wait after Emotional Body Practitioner Training to get started with the mastermind. I love the way Jin teaches and wanted to continue to receive her support and guidance to grow my business.

I saw shifts in all aspects of my life.

Personally with how I show up and allowing myself to be seen.

Professionally, getting all my systems in place and with continual support throughout.

The support and guidance you receive throughout is amazing.

Nicole Mills - Health Coach

jin ong moth sq sml.png

I got a massive boost in confidence and trust in myself to work with my clients at a deeper emotional level.

I knew that this mastermind was what I needed to move into parts of myself I was fearful to enter alone.

I was in a state of what’s next? Unclear and unsure of what path to follow.

I joined based on an inner knowing and trust in Jin and the work she shares with the world.

As I went through some big transitions with a location move, landed an amazing job and was able to shift into the online space at the same time to work with clients and express my body of work.

I loved the connection with other's in the mastermind who were facing the same challenges and to be supported during some challenging times in my life.

This mastermind will guide you to the next unknown level of yourself.

Broc Martin - Alcohol & Drug Counsellor

OVER 12 months together...

Here's what you get when you join.

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Intuitive Business Strategy

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Mindset & Motivation Coaching

check mark pale gold 500 (1)

Energetic & Embodiment Guidance

check mark pale gold 500 (1)

4 Group Coaching Calls Each Month + Private Facebook Group Support + Voxer Chat

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1:1 coaching calls 
+ Human Design Coaching

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Done for you templates such as T&C + client coaching worksheets

When you join before March 2022 you get a BONUS

EARLY FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS: Jin will open up the Emerge Facebook group early  (Feb) bonus access to get into the vibes, create your community and ask questions and start implementing!

RELEASE LIVE 6 WEEK COURSE: This is one of Jin's signature courses (Feb) where she teaches the three pillars to emotional work to the general public. 1. The Release Process 2. Chakras 3. Doshas.
You'll get to take part and start processing your emotions, clear the blocks so that you can connect to yourself and emerge. This is a powerful course where you will witness emotions, energetics and potentiality all in one powerful container

GROUP VOXER CHAT: Voxer is an app many coaches use to support clients between sessions. You'll have group voxer coaching access for those times you prefer to speak and share rather than write your questions.

Pay In Full

$18, 888 USD

One Payment
(save $3,768 USD)


$1,888 USD

Per Month (12 month commitment)

If you are a New Zealand-based practitioner, coach or healer
please use this link for NZD conversion
($28,888 NZD paid in full or $2,888 NZD paid monthly for 12 months)
+ to claim GST CLICK HERE.

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When resistance presents...

Let's navigate the journey together to put your gifts out to the world.

Walking this path means surrendering to what is, doing the uncomfortable and stepping into your true power and know it's all part of the process.

jin ong moth sq sml.png

After completing Emotional Body Training with Jin I just new I wanted to continue more with business coaching.

I was a busy massage therapist who wanted to learn strategy and skill to move into the online space as a coach.

I absolutely love all of it. The calls, the support. Everything.

I gained so much confidence that I can do this! I actually have something to offer, provide value and can charge my worth.

My biggest breakthrough would be believing in myself.

I now only massage one day per week and see clients online who are committed to making a change. I work less and earn more. I help women to believe in themselves and transform from a deeper level than Massage Therapy could ever offer.

Jump on board! You won't regret it! You will be so supported by Jin and the coaches, in energetics, business and strategy, alongside doing your own inner work.

Karen Nelson - Massage Therapist + Emotional Release Coach

jin ong moth sq sml.png

I was guided to start my business from scratch as an online coach. As a mum of three boys I was hesitant if I would have the time, but I did it!

I love everything about the mastermind. Connection with people, learning from each other, the coaches, the information shared. All was amazing.

I gained confidence in my ability to guide clients through the release emotions and trauma. And learned so much about energetics and emotions and to trust in my intuition as it applies to my life and my business.

I was able to make many smaller decisions that are moving me towards who I want to be, what I want to be doing, where and how I am living my life.

This is a life changing mastermind to be part of, one that will really shift the dial on all aspects of your life. Supported by amazing coaches who give so much, it'll give you confidence and clarity to move in the direction of your dreams.

Emily Brewer - Emotional Release coach

Meet Your Coaches

dr jin ong at home with plants cathartic release therapist

Emotional · Strategy

Jin Ong

Jin loves to unravel complex physical and emotional issues and help you intuitively navigate the next steps to take to align with and express your soul purpose.

She loves to facilitate a safe space to speak about the unspoken and normalise (emotional) releases to shift the paradigm of health.

In March 2020 she built The Art Of Listening To Your Body from scratch and entered the online space after her two bricks and mortar clinics and team went into a 7 week lockdown. No income. All expenses.

Over 18 months she went from charging less than $100 for a session to a 5 figure investment to work with her for 12 weeks. She works with clients 1:1, offers short courses and group masterminds for personal and business growth as well as hosts a podcast.

She went on to generate over half a million in 2021 and sold her two clinics to focus 100% on what she loves.

Jin is completely transparent in her journey and lives to inspire you to create a business that is the fullest expression of yourself.

ania Volovique

mindset · motivation · Branding

Ania Volovique

Ania is an empowerment coach and somatic release facilitator – who is committed to break through societal conditioning and support others to live life on their own terms. 

Ania works at the root level so the transformation is sustainable. Moving from self-improvement to self-knowledge – the real inner power that can overcome any challenge. 


Cole Bombino

HUMAN DESIGN · Energetics

Cole Bombino

Cole serves as a catalyst for transformation. Her background covers nearly two decades of study and practice in many modalities such as Yoga, Meditation, Integrative Health, Energy Work, Emotional Embodiment, Human Design, and more.

She is a guide as you walk the path of your personal evolution. Her soul is here to be a living expression of self-love, acceptance, and trust, and to support others in doing the same.

Cole is here to help you operate your business in line with your human design.

This experience is...

The Perfect Fit If You...

  • Currently have a business and want to dive into the online space
  • You desire to increase your prices and want to do this in an aligned way
  • You love your work, but want to create space for other joys in life too
  • Ready to embrace change in your life and that of your clients
  • Are open to energetics
  • Are ready to fully commit to yourself no matter what
  • Are ready to show up exactly as you are – no hiding
  • Are coachable and ready to receive support
  • You take responsibility for yourself and your choices
  • Ready to lead yourself

This Is NOT a Good Fit, If You...

  • Are at the very start of your practitioner or coaching journey (unless you're ready to go all in and learn quickly)
  • Are scared of using a computer. You do need basic tech skills to navigate setting yourself up
  • Not prepared to set aside the time to show up to calls
  • Require someone to be on your back and checking in on you. In this space you get to lead yourself.

have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be various intakes throughout the year however if you join before the official start date of March 2022 you will receive bonuses.

*Bonus 1:1 Coaching sessio n with Cole
*Voxer group access

Why start your journey later?

As part of the mastermind we offer a hybrid only option of group support plus 1:1 with our amazing coaches. You'll receive monthly 1:1 coaching from two amazing and very different coaches- Ania & Cole.

This allows you to dive deeper into emotions, energetics and business strategy. Whatever you need to support your journey.

Ania Volovique and Cole Bombino are our two amazing coaches and have taught and coached alongside Jin in her courses, trainings and masterminds.

Both offer a completel different energy and both have been successful in the online space.

The group is always perfect as it is.

Remember that we encourage you to lead yourself. Lean in for support and you will receive as much or as little as you want.

The Emerge Mastermind is for practitioners (both alternative and conventional with an open-mind), coaches and healers ready to take big leaps in their business.

As part of a mastermind we will all bring out wealth of knowledge to the table.

Courses are more structured with a set curriculum. You take a course to learn something, a skill, technique, knowledge. You may or may not choose to implement what you learn.

A mastermind is a coaching program made up of like-minded souls. In this case practitioners, coaches and healers ready to emerge and fully express their work to the world. All whilst giving and receiving incredible value for what they do and living a life aligned with their values.

A mastermind is where you support one another, share and help one another rise up.

It's about accountability, deepening your learning and taking action in all areas of life to create change.

A longer commitment allows for the ups and downs of life and to receive support through challenges as well as celebrating the wins.

Learning is one thing. Implementation is another ball game. It's the second phase of resistance. To put yourself out there doing what you do best all whilst embracing energetics and standing in your own power.

Emerge supports you in fully living your work, not just knowing about it. 

Group coaching calls are up to 90 minutes via zoom.

Replays are always made available and will be accessible whilst you have access to the mastermind.

We have held long term group programs and the shifts have been huge. In all areas of life.

It all goes in waves which is why we ask you to commit to 12 months and ride those waves with support. 

Unlearning and creating new habits takes time.

It's simple, not easy.

We have four group calls a month for up to 90 minutes.


All calls are held at 9am or 11am NZT on Tuesdays.

The calls are available for you to receive coaching in a group setting. If there is a relevant theme present in the group we may use some of that call to speak to that theme.

It is up to you to lead yourself to speak up and ask for support. We will be there to encourage you.

We have four group zoom calls a month.


Ania holds the first call of the month 9am NZT

Jin holds the second call of the month 11am NZT

Cole holds the third call of the month 9am NZT

Jin holds the fourth call of the month 11am NZT

That's ok. There may be times where you can't make it. We highly recommend it, but this depends on where you are at. You can always watch the replays. And you have the facebook group to ask questions and receive support in between live calls.

In the game of life there are no guarantees.

We have held long term group programs and the shifts have been huge. In all areas of life.

It all goes in waves which is why we ask you to commit to 12 months and ride those waves with support.

The more you put in the more you will get out.

Yes when you click JOIN NOW you will see options for both pay in full or monthly payments. Pay in full options do offer a saving.

You get access to the information whilst you are in the group only.

No questions, I'm ready for this!

emerge mastermind

You are so ready to thrive in your business.

Your mind will be open to the field of potentiality. The field of what is possible for you, your business and everyone around you.

You are here to evolve and create opportunities everywhere you go.

The fear doesn't stop. 

You'll learn to walk with it.

Surrender to the process.

This is the human experience you're here to live.

ready to fully EMERGE AND EXPRESS Your work?

Choose your experience... We start March 2022


4 Group Zoom Coaching Calls per month with your coaches.


First Tuesday of the month – Ania 9am NZT

Second Tuesday of the month – Jin 11am NZT

Third Tuesday of the month – Cole 9am NZT

Fourth Tuesday of the month – Jin 11am NZT

Current time conversions are
(these will change in April):
11am NZT example

Same day 9am AEST (Melbourne/Sydney)
 Same day 6am AWST (Perth)

Day before 2pm PDT (California)

 Day before 5pm EDT (New York, Toronto)
Day before 4pm CDT (Texas)

Midnight day before 10pm  BST (London)

When you join before March 2022




Pay In Full

$18,888 USD

One Payment
(save $3,768 USD)


$1,888 USD

Per Month (12 month commitment)

If you are a New Zealand-based practitioner, coach or healer
please use this link for NZD conversion
($28, 888 NZD paid in full or $2,888 NZD paid monthly for 12 months)
+ to claim GST CLICK HERE.


EMERGE: move out of or away from something and become visible.

Trust your heart, follow your gut

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