Embrace The Dualities Of Life

Embrace The Dualities Of Life

We Start April 2024

question for you...

What if you could really start living the life you desire?

Now you know how to Release emotions… It's time to Em-Body them.

Welcome To Em-Body

Does this sound familiar...

Does this sound familiar...

But here's the issue

You know things need to change...

… you stop when there's no one to hold you accountable

… you fill your time whenever space appears

… you're waiting for the perfect time

… you 

feel unseen

… you feel


… you feel


Can you imagine...

What it would feel like to be in a supportive and safe space to express who you truly are and stand in your own power?

Over the course of six months you will work on healing generational trauma, breaking toxic cycles and carving out a path to finally live out your unique soul purpose.

A life where you know what to say YES to and most importantly what to say NO to.

Step away from life on auto-pilot and start living intentionally. No longer feeling there's always something or someone needing your attention and there's never enough time, energy or money to do what YOU really want to do. 

Maybe you even forgot the last time you did something just for yourself?!

You know you're destined for more. You're destined to thrive, not just survive!

Everyone benefits when you start looking within and taking responsibility for your life.

it doesn't have to be hard or take a long time -

It really is possible to...

… put yourself first

… surrender and trust

… embrace your gifts

copy of harper tall vertical

You get to walk with
the dark and the light as you embrace
the challenges that stretch you to grow.



You get community and a coach to support and guide you NO MATTER WHAT life may present you
over the next 6 months.

Embody group coaching

Em-Body is a 6-month group coaching container where you'll learn to deepen the relationship with yourself and others, embody the practices you've learned in ‘RELEASE' and become a more empowered version of yourself. 

You will finally release what no longer serves you and create a life based on YOUR values, needs and desires. All while being guided and supported by Jin and a like-minded community that is supporting and cheering you on.

get inspired...

These are some shifts people have experienced in the previous Em-Body groups

jin ong moth sq sml.png

Release provides the knowledge, substance, and most importantly, action to that understanding. By the end, I learned how to listen to my present body more, but also how to dig deeper for the message it was really trying to tell me. I was drawn to Em-Body because Release was just the beginning and I wanted to continue to have amazing support.

From Em-Body, I’ve learned to really sit with my emotions and to question them in a way that has led to some major shifts. I respond instead of reacting more. I am cultivating experiences, relationships, and meals that truly nourish me. I am reacquainting myself with my inner child and feminine side (I bought a hula hoop!) I am learning who I truly am and embracing and loving that woman.

Em-Body was so much better than I expected. The exercises and guest speakers that make up Em-Body forced me to ask questions I would have never asked, which led to some amazing realizations and breakthroughs. It’s been a treasure hunt I didn’t know I was on; the deeper I explore myself, the more nuggets of bodily wisdom and intuition I find. I now have a full toolbox of methods and techniques to support my full life experience. A Latin phrase that has been somewhat of a personal motto for years is “vive ut vivas” or live so that you may have life. This course has helped me more fully embody that phrase.

Megan B

jin ong moth sq sml.png

My hip pain is pretty much gone! This is a huge one that I've worked on with physical therapy for years. Now my therapy bills have decreased substantially. If there was any goal at all this is it.

So much happened during the first half of our time together. I was able to approach some ongoing litigious events much calmer and am so surprised at what the potential outcome will be.

I decluttered, shifted homes and got a new perspective on my work.

I've realised what it feels like to be in balance.
I feel more centered.
More confident.

I've grown to recognise my intuition better.

I don't reach outside myself for so many answers anymore.


I loved coming home to my core values. I carry a credit card sized copy with me everywhere to keep me in alignment. TO live the life I want, that serves me.

I really appreciate that this Em-Body group and the connections I've made.

Jacob E

jin ong moth sq sml.png

I decided to join the Em-Body group after the Release course because I felt those 6 weeks were a good start on the healing journey but there was much more to explore and I wanted to make sure I didn’t stop.

I’ve always loved self-development, and believe that the support and accountability provided has helped me to change and grow. I loved the honest, kind, compassionate and unconditional support in this container. I love that the coaches live what they speak and that’s why I trust them. I felt comfortable talking about anything in any way that came up.

During Release I tapped into grief, sadness, relationship issues, and beliefs I knew I wanted to change, and Em-Body was offering me the chance to keep working on the repeating patterns in my life.

The Em-Body group is a lot smaller and more intimate, we got to know each other better. Now, 4 months in, I love these people, they are like a family. We all listen and support each other in so many ways, I am amazed at how it all worked out and the new friends I’ve made.

I was then able to get help with money beliefs, reorganize finances and I feel so much better about it all now! I don’t think I would have been able to achieve this on my own.

This Em-Body journey has been amazing in all areas of life. I have been able to start the changes I wanted, to explore and release emotions I didn’t even know were there, to learn to be kinder and more compassionate to myself, to improve my relationships, to close loops, to improve financially, to deal with burn out and depression. 

I have to say it is very hard at times, definitely not all roses and the work never ends. Getting better and changing beliefs and habits are some of the hardest things to commit to. I’ve had many times when I hated it, felt hurt, lost, regret and hopelessness but I found that being vulnerable and sharing these feelings instead of isolating has helped immensely. I have also been shown tools  deal with these challenging times so it means I do not depend on being helped.

There’s nothing they cannot handle in this group and they are hard to offend, as they often say! There’s great professional support in Em-Body and it’s so much more constructive than telling a friend or trying to ignore the pain and doing it all on my own.

I am very grateful I joined and highly recommend it.

Anouva Settin

jin ong moth sq sml.png

I joined Em-Body literally within a few minutes of hearing about it. It just felt it was right for me.

 I knew it would be a great opportunity for more growth, more learning, more Ah-ha moment. I genuinely feel that meeting Jin, Ania & being introduced to this body of work was a gift or sign from the universe and I was not ready for this work to leave my life just yet.

The reason I joined Em-Body so quickly and how I felt knew it was right for me so quickly, was because I now knew that, “emptying my emotional cup”, personal growth & the re-discovery of “who am I now” … is life work and these courses, along with all the other material I consume is about giving me the tools to “keep doing the work”, bit by bit.

Jin & Ania and all the guest speakers are amazing individuals, not only have they done the work & continue to do it themselves….but what I love most about them is their “generosity”, their honest generosity in sharing of their knowledge, advice, offering help, their time, fresh perspectives and their ability to “see you” and “call you on it” and that's where their real growth (or Ah Ha moments) happens, I know only I can do the work, but through Em-Body they have continued to guide me with compassion, care, kindness and very real practical suggestions… so that i can just keep moving continuously forward in the right direction.

I knew I had so much more to learn & grow and I truly believe in the “ripple effect”, I'm not just doing this for me but Im also doing it for my daughters, my family, my closest friends.
This is so especially important for me … as I want my daughters to grow up with some of these tools under their belt and by me doing this work & learning more and growing more…. I'm ultimately helping them live a life where hopefully they recognise when their cup is getting too full and know how to work through emptying it a little.

The compassion, kindness, vulnerability and honesty in this group has been a beautiful experience in itself. I will always be thankful for this “safe container” and for meeting this amazing group of people.

My advice to others is don't think too deeply about it, but rather ask yourself… is there more that I have to learn? Then go with it, you will honestly thank yourself for this gift.

Simona S

jin ong moth sq sml.png

With this past round of Em-Body I had been through treatment for cancer and was awaiting the results following all of the treatment. I was tired but had a feeling of optimism for the future.

Being in the Embody group time and time again has been life changing for me and and I have learnt so much about myself and had incredible support from Jin and the other group members.

I really enjoy the live calls, the coaching of myself and the other group members. This round I really found the one to one release with Jin really helpful.

Cumulatively, I am not the same person I was when I first joined EmBody, not only because of what was happening in my body but because I have found the Release Process ® to be life changing and the shifts have been enormous. Whilst receiving a ‘no cancerous cells' in my body result was huge I feel that the way I feel about myself now, the Love and acceptance I have of myself is my biggest shifts.

I could have never imagined what I would get from being in the EmBody group and how it would provide me with the exact support and tools I needed at this precise 
time in my life.


jin ong moth sq sml.png

I was stuck, I knew there was more waiting for me but was frozen and afraid to take a step forward.

I had a few active autoimmune conditions that were flaring.  I felt that there was something more for me in life and I didn't know how to find it, I was searching.  I felt alone and like I didn't really belong.  Everything was surface level.  Everything was “under control”

Listening to the EmBody-ers on the Release course. I was hearing how they were really digging deep and forging ahead. I just had a knowing that I needed to continue with Jin after Release and now I've done 3 rounds of Em-Body!

I love the live calls. I LOVE the group connection and the vulnerability that is shared. It's been an honour to witness the growth of others. I love having a safe place to work things through.

Jin helped me recognised that I put a lot of energy and attention on others as opposed to myself. In particular my husband and parents. When I was able to refocus on myself not only did my life improve but those around me started to change for the better too. It was crazy what landed for them!

I've stepped out of the spiritual closet and allow people in my life to see the real me and accept me.

Go for it. It’s hard to explain what the group is but I’ve seen and felt my own growth and the growth of my family just because I have done work on myself. My relationships are more authentic, I feel like I have purpose and a deeper connection to all. 


Ready to dive even deeper?

WHAT WE COVER IN 6 months together

Here's how we roll...


Connect to self

  • Improve the relationship with yourself
  • Re-wire self sabotaging thoughts
  • Know that you are born worthy
  • Learn to trust yourself
  • Reconnect to your innate body wisdom
  • Discover and dive into your personality profile



  • Learn to respond rather than react
  • Communicate on a deeper level
  • Improve your energetic communication
  • Let go of what no longer serves
  • Learn to hold strong boundaries
  • Attract like-minded people
  • Foster genuine connections


Create your life path

  • Get clear on your core values
  • Set intentions
  • Set and keep healthy boundaries
  • Get clear on what YOU desire
  • See the possibilities 
  • Learn to surrender and trust 


Energetic practices

  • Utilise feminine and masculine energies
  • Deeper insights into who you are
  • Learn how to honour your energy
  • Live from your heart, not your head
  • Tap into infinite potentiality

Here's the support available to you

You're also going to get access to:

embody group coaching


You have access to a coach and community to explore *Mindset & Motivation *Energetics & Embodiment *Clinical & Emotional

embody facebook


For any questions and support that you require between live coaching sessions as well as ad-hoc lives and accountability.

jin ong


x1 facilitated release sessions with Jin to go to the places you're unable to access on your own. Jin normally works 1:1 with clients at a 6 figure investment.

moth portal

MOTH PORTAL (value $222 USD/month)

Access to all mini-courses and masterclasses to support you on
your journey during Em-Body.

the space

THE SPACE (value $444 USD/quarter)

Join an additional monthly call with ex-Releasers. This is a faster paced Q&A session in a larger group.

Ready to initiate a ripple effect?

jin ong moth sq sml.png

We really have covered or spoke in some way or form about EVERYTHING.

I feel like I have taken real steps
Not just knowing how to, but being push to do it.

I've love the inspiration I get from my 1:1 sessions
I love that I can be pondering about something, then ask the question and get 3 – 5 other peoples perspectives and ways to look at a situation

I feel so much calmer, there are far fewer heavy days. Stu and I are laughing and communicating so much better.

The support I've received on Em-Body is what I thought it would be.

Hilary W

jin ong moth sq sml.png

The biggest thing I've  learned in Em-Body is to surrender and trust that what will be will be, which I've never done before.

The energy of Em-Body is completely different to Release and I love that. You can participate at the times that suit you. There's always someone jumping in and giving you feedback, not just the coaches.

I have an awareness that the triggers are about me rather than the other person.

 I have really authentic, deeper, meaningful conversations with people in Em-Body. Things I would never have  conversations about in my current social circle.

Vicki S

jin ong moth sq sml.png

I was confused about my purpose and feeling lost about life in general.

After doing Release I knew there was more for me to discover and achieve doing the work. That there was something bigger and better out there for me.

I feel so comfortable sharing with everyone. I never feel judge and I always feel heard and supported

I understand myself better and stop blaming myself for everything.

I feel more confident and I allow myself to be me.

My biggest breakthrough would be that I have finally realised that I am here to live my life the way I want to and not the way I am told to and that it is ok. There is no shame in looking after myself and wanting to be happy  and feel complete. I am allowed to be happy. I am allowed to look after myself. I am allowed to go after my dreams and no dreams are too big.

It takes courage and work but it is well worth it.



jin ong moth sq sml.png

The Release course was just the beginning for me. I knew I had so much more I wanted to release and work on and I wanted to have the support of a group. Joining Embody was a natural progression for me.

The live calls were my favourite (once I got comfortable with the group). I love the energy and the trust we´ve build while sharing about ourselves and our journeys.

I like myself better and the me I´m rediscovering. I´ve reconnected with my body and my intuition. As a result (among many things) I´ve progressed in my career.

EmBody is a space where you can rediscover yourself and peel away the layers that cover your true self. You have a safe space to hold up a mirror and go deep or you can just “dip your feet in” and soak in the energy of the group. You get a chance to heal and move towards desires/goals you never thought possible.


jin ong moth sq sml.png

I was a continually overflowing emotional volcano.

I wanted to stay within the container of a supportive group & see what layers were next for me.

I love the live calls & accessing Jin in the raw in the moment.

My breakthrough was ever evolving awareness of my patterns.

Be prepared to come in open & safely vulnerable & you will be surprised to the depths you can uncover, for positive change.



OVER 6 months together...

Here's what you get when you join.

Mindset & Motivation Coaching

Energetic & Embodiment Guidance

Clinical & Emotional Coaching

2 Group Coaching Calls A Month



Access to Private Facebook group for additional support

x1 1:1 coaching sessions to facilitate a release process with Jin

Instant access to Moth Portal (all mini-courses + masterclasses) and The Space monthly call with other releasers


2 Group Zoom Coaching Calls per month with Jin (up to 2 hours) 
Calls are twice a month on Wednesdays (day before if US/Can/Europe)


****ALREADY edited for Oct 24

Current time conversions for October 2024 are:

9am NZT example
*Please note there will be timezone changes occurring October/November

Same day 7.00am AEST (Melbourne/Sydney)
Same day 6.00am AWST (Perth)

Tues 2.00 pm PDT (California)
*changes to 1.00pm from 6th Nov

Tues 5.00 pm EDT (New York, Toronto)
*Changes to 4pm from 6th Nov

Tues 4.00 pm CDT (Texas)
*Changes to 3pm from 6th Nov

Tues  10.00pm BST (London) 
*changes to 9pm from 30th October

2 Group Zoom Coaching Calls per month with Jin (up to 2 hours)
Calls are twice a month on Wednesdays 9am NZT (day before if US/Can/Europe)


April 3 & 24

May 8 & 22

June 12 & 26

July 10 & 24

Aug 7 & 21

Sept 4 & 25

Current time conversions for April 2024 are:
9.00 am NZT example

Same day 9.00am AEST (Melbourne/Sydney)
Same day 6.00am AWST (Perth)

Tues  2.00 pm PDT (California)
Tues  5.00 pm EDT (New York, Toronto)
Tues  4.00 pm CDT (Texas)

Tues BST (London) 


The world tells us who we should be in order to survive (and thrive) in this world – but the same path is not meant for everybody.

The road to being your happiest, most successful self is one that is totally unique to you.  Astrology can help you recognise your innate gifts, so that you can be who you truly came here to be.

Time to EM-BODY your true self!


*Your reading will come in written format, for an accurate reading you are required to have your date of birth, time of birth (the more accurate the better, place of birth)

The world tells us who we should be in order to survive (and thrive) in this world – but the same path is not meant for everybody.

The road to being your happiest, most successful self is one that is totally unique to you.  Astrology can help you recognise your innate gifts, so that you can be who you truly came here to be.

Time to EM-BODY your true self!

*Your reading will come in written format, for an accurate reading you are required to have your date of birth, time of birth (the more accurate the better, place of birth)


$6000 USD

One Payment

If you are NZ based

please CLICK HERE.

jin ong moth sq sml.png

When resistance presents...

Step into the void & find out who you really are

Walking this path means surrendering to what is, doing the uncomfortable and stepping into your true power and know it's all part of the process.

dr jin ong at home with plants cathartic release therapist

Emotional · ENERGETICS · clinical

Jin Ong

Jin loves to unravel complex physical and emotional issues and help you intuitively navigate the next steps to take to align with and express your soul purpose.

She loves to facilitate a safe space to speak about the unspoken and normalise (emotional) releases to shift the paradigm of health.

This experience is...

The Perfect Fit If You...

  • Felt the shifts in Release and wanting more
  • Ready to embrace change in your life
  • Are open to energetics
  • Are ready to fully commit to yourself no matter what
  • Are ready to show up exactly as you are – no hiding
  • Are coachable and ready to receive support
  • You take responsibility for yourself and your choices

This Is NOT a Good Fit, If You...

  • Don't like feedback and getting coached
  • Blame your circumstances for your life
  • Do NOT take responsibility for yourself and your choices
  • Are not willing to do release processes
  • Would rather be right than be happy
  • Identify as a victim and don't want to change
  • Are not willing to try something new

have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

The group starts October 2023

The only other potential time to join is when another intake opens up after a future Release course. (but we never know IF we will run it again). If you feel called, I highly encourage to join this round. There's great energy and momentum moving forward with the same group.

The group is always perfect as it is.

Energetically I can hold up to 8 participants in this group.

Remember that I encourage you to lead yourself. Lean in for support and you will receive as much or as little as you want.

The Embody group coaching is only open to previous Release participants.

Release is a 6-week course teaching you a lifelong technique to process your emotions and improve your emotional metabolism.

Release is about getting emotions out of your system.

It gives you the foundational work and a glimpse into the world of chakras and doshas.

Em-Body is a coaching program. It's about accountability, deepening your learning and taking action in all areas of life to create change.

We dive deeper into personal energetics with human design coaching.

Release peels away the layers and can continue to go deep for some.

You may feel you want a longer implementation period, support for the challenges that continue to happen and really take action to embody the life you desire all whilst embracing energetics and standing in your own power.

Em-Body supports you in fully living this work, not just knowing about it. 

The minimum commitment is six months.

Coaching calls are 120 minutes minutes via zoom.

We have held long term group programs and the shifts have been huge. In all areas of life.

It all goes in waves which is why we ask you to commit to six months and ride those waves with support.

Unlearning and creating new habits takes time.

It's simple, not easy.

We have two group calls a month for up to 2 hours.

Jin hosts a call twice a month the first call will always be the first Wednesday (Tues for US/Canada) of the month.


All calls are held at 11am NZT on Wednesdays.

(please note daylight savings changes)

See page for call schedule.


The calls are available for you to receive coaching in a group setting. If there is a relevant theme present in the group we may use some of that call to speak to that theme.

It is up to you to lead yourself to speak up and ask for support. We will be there to encourage you.

You have two group calls per month. You will always have at least two per month with Jin.


That's ok. There may be times where you can't make it. We highly recommend it, but this depends on where you are at. You can always watch the replays. And you have the facebook group to ask questions and receive support in between live calls.

In the game of life there are no guarantees.

Plus you're human 😉

We have held long term group programs and the shifts have been huge. In all areas of life.

It all goes in waves which is why we ask you to commit to six months and ride those waves with support.

The more you put in the more you will get out.


EmBody is a pay in full option only. There are no payment plans.


You get access to the information whilst you are in the group only.

No questions, I'm ready for this!

Holding Childs hand

You are so ready to thrive, not just survive.

As you deepen your practice with this work you will get to see the serendipity and coincidences that happen in life.

You'll understand the messages your body tells you and embrace them rather than wanting them to go away.

You will know that life is happening for you and not to you.

ready to fully EM-BODY this work?

Choose your experience... We start October.

Pay In Full

$5000 USD

One Payment

If you are NZ based 

please CLICK HERE.


EMBODY: taking a concept and turning it into something tangible that's part of who you are. Not just knowing, but being… emBODYing.

Trust your heart and follow your gut



Thursday 16th May 11am NZT

Navigating Emotions

Behind Cancer

Watch The Replay

Thursday 14th Sept 9am NZT


Day 1 FREE: 19th September 2022
For practitioners & healers