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Broc Martin is an Aboriginal Man from the Punthamarra Mithaka people in southwest Queensland Australia.

He currently lives on Elcho Island, off the north of Australia in a remote Aboriginal community. He moved there to be a health coach to support the Yolngu people in making healthy lifestyle changes.

Broc is a nature enthusiast passionate about holistic health and being of service to others in supporting them on their journey to accessing their own inner wisdom and power.

Broc has an amazing story and he took part in my practitioner training as a health coach in 2020.- he will be sharing his own pain story and how techniques learned in the last 6 months has helped him to release suppressed emotions and how his life has changed as a result of applying this work into his life and others.

Broc goes pretty deep in this podcast and has had a range of experiences in his life. Many of the topics and stories he covers may trigger and upset you. I don’t want to tell you what he covers as he has told the story from his heart.

As with all my guests it’s not easy to share on such a public platform, but they do because of the change they’ve been able to create in their lives.

Broc shares his contact details on the podcast but his email has changed to [email protected] please reach out to him if you feel compelled after you’ve had a listen.

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The Art of Listening to Your Body is a weekly podcast from Jin offering up real-life success stories, straight-talking and life-changing insights.

The aim is to create awareness to the underlying emotions behind pain, injury, disease in the body as well as behavioural dysfunctions and mental imbalances using a unique blend of eastern and western philosophies and a good dose of intuition.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the story of your body, what different issues may indicate, how to release emotions so that you can prevent problems as well as inspiring pain story interviews.

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